One Pack for Pipes

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  • Origin: Vietnam
  • Manufacturer: Tin Kim Plastic JSC – Vietnam
  • Component: Single Lubricant System eliminates use of 3-4 different conventional lubricants.
  • Physical form: White Powder
  • Feature:

-Balanced internal & external lubricating effect.
-Increases the output.
-Minimizes manual errors & handling.
-Uniform Wall thickness & outer diameter.
-Smooth, inner & outer surface finish.
-Improves mechanical properties.
-Suitable with different individual lead stabilizers & one Pack stabilizers.
-Suitable for Single screw & twin screw Stabilizers

  • Application: Rigid PVC Pipes/Conduits/Profiles & Cables.

Packaging Details:

  • 20 kg/bag

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One Pack for Pipes

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